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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to give you the answers to the questions that are often put.

  • Don't you skid with the studded tyres?

  • It depends on road condition and your centre of gravity. On compacted snow, the traction is a bit less than on asphalt in a rainy condition. Moreover, if you displace your centre of gravity well on compacted snow, the traction becomes like that on wet asphalt. However, on hard ice, the studs do not grasp the ice well. So it can be slippery. Anyway you have to pay attention all the time.

  • Aren't you feel cold when you ride?

  • Yes, we are. However, since studded tyres are very heavy, you need much more power than riding with normal tyres to produce sufficient locomotion. So you feel cold less than when you ride with normal tires and you even often feel hot.

  • How can I get studded tires?

  • Normally you can find them in bike shops in regions where it snows a lot. Even it doesn't snow a lot in your region, you might be able to order them in bike shops which sell tires of manufacturers that produce studded tires like Nokian, Schwalbe etc. Some riders make studded tires themselves with normal tires and nails. However, home made studded tires are often heavier and less effective. We recommend you buying manufactured products.

  • How often do you crash?

  • Many think that you crash more often on snow than on asphalt. But it's not true. In fact, riding on snow is more difficult than riding on asphalt. But we concentrate more while riding on snow. As a consequence the crash rate is similar to that of summer.

  • Are you doing snow cycling as job?

  • No, we aren't. We do snow cycling just as hobby. But if we could do it as job, we would be delighted. So we will welcome sponsors.

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