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Cycling training on snow

tips for icebiking in Hokkaido (Japan)

Cycling training on snow

Rennradtraining auf Schnee
Entraînement vélo sur la neige

Entrenamiento ciclismo sobre la nieve
Allenamento ciclismo sulla neve

A temperature of 20 degrees Celsius below zero, visibility is limited to 10m because of a strong snowfall, roads are covered with hard ice, it's not an excuse for us not to ride bikes every day. The majority of cyclists might not know the existence of people who ride bikes on snow more than 1000km a month, who go over mountains in blizzard and who ride at 70km/h on ice. And we are such people. We live in Hokkaido which is one of the islands of Japan. It snows a lot there. In summer, we are cyclists in road racing and in winter, we train on snow with road racing bikes for snow or mountain bikes. Snow is our most important training partner.

On this website, we are going to introduce our training in the snow and give you some empirical advice on snowbiking. We expand our knowledge of snow cycling to around the world! In addition, this site presents our training scenes with a lot of photos in the section Training reports.

Snow cycling

Many think snow cycling (icebiking) is an extreme sport. But it's not true. Nowadays it exists good studded tires which allow us to ride on snow safely and comfortably. With proper equipment and experience, you can bike in the snow as you bike in summer. Participants of the training often say "It's like skiing. And the misconception I had before participating in the training about snow cycling: dangerous and cold was totally wrong. Cycling in the snow is a safe sport if you do right". However, there are also dangerous factors in icebiking. We hope we can present both aspects of icebiking: enjoyable points and dangerous points, on this web site.

Note: Instead of the word "icebiking", a word "snowbiking" is also used to describe this sport. However, many confuse this word with a sport using ski with a frame similar to bike's. To avoid such confusion, nowadays we use the word "icebiking".

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