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After the reports

Thus far we have shown training on snow. The training on snow is amazing. It brings us much more fun than the training in summer. We are happy to be able to live in Hokkaido because we can enjoy this opportunity. We wish we could report this "fun" through this website. However, it wasn't easy to report this that and we think we couldn't report this "fun" well. But you have to believe it's extremly fun.
Minus 12 degrees Celsius
We call this website "Fuyu-Ren Saito (Winter Training Site)" in Japanese. Many of visitors say that they have been saved by this site learning they can bike and go training in severe winter. We are glad to hear such messages. One of our members: Mr.Takahashi who joined us in the second season was one of such visitors. He said he had been encouraged by this website to ride on snow when he first joined us (refer to: Asari Pass).

We wrote Hokkaido is wonderful in winter but Hokkaido is also wonderful in summer for cycling. The traffic is lighter, we have less air pollution and more nature than the mainland of Japan and roads are much wider. This island is amazingly nice for cyclists. We believe Hokkaido has a positive potential for cycling and that is what we wished to show you.

We hope one day a stage race travelling through Hokkaido during the snow season will be realised. If it is realised, the entire world will focus on it as pioneer of a new style of bike races.

Of course, this is not the end of this site. We are updating the contents, especially Training reports. So please keep visiting this website!

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