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Dr.K Dr.K is one of the original members of this site. He won several races in the category of senior and he's now racing in the top category of Hokkaido (S-1).

He's been riding on snow before the inauguration of this site but after participating in this site's first training (cf. Heiwa (Season 2004-2005), he became loyal participant of our training and started riding on snow in real earnest.

We clearly see he became stronger thanks to the training in the snow during the history of this site. He says he became stronger, especially in the climb thanks to the training. Moreover, he's more and more confident in downhill. According to him, riding on snow, he learnt how to displace his centre of gravity properly in corners. At the same time, he became better at bad meteorological condition. He would win races in very cold or rainy condition. Snow cycling has a lots benefit for cyclists who really want to win races.

He limits his racing activity only in Hokkaido but as he's plastic surgeon knowing well about cycling, you might see him in international races as oficial race doctor.

His comment:
Training on snow is amazing. Do not hesitate to join us!


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