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Training Report - Niseko-Goshiki Pass 6

K participated in this training. It was minus 13 degrees Celsius at the Goshiki Hot Springs. It snowed a lot this January. It's rare to have so much snow in the middle of January. We had expected the temperature would be around minus 13 degrees at the foot of the mountain. But it didn't go down as preview. It was minus 8 degrees Celsius at the foot of the mountain.

Travelled distance: 44km

He commenced his training in the early morning.
Niseko-Ohashi Bridge

The traffic was busier than expected as many cars were headding for ski stations.

Entering the Niseko-Panorama Route. It's written "The road is snow removed up to the Goshiki Hot Springs".
Niseko Panorama Line

It displays "The routes to Iwanai and Kutchan are closed during the winter".
Niseko Panorama Line

We have more snow than normal Junuary.
K on the climb
K on the climb

After passing the bifurcation, the road was an alternating one-way traffic due to constructioins and snowploughs were approaching. K was asked to stop in order to let snowpoughs pass.

The sign says "attention to avalanches".
Attention to avalanches

The snow surmounts the anti-avalanche fences.
Anti-avalanche fences

From time to time it snows hard. But only for a brief moment, the Mt.Niseko-annupuri shows up.

In the covered road as well, the alternating one-way traffic was effectuated due to some construction works.

Final climb to the summit.
K at Goshiki Hot Springs
K at Goshiki Hot Springs
K at Goshiki Hot Springs

K on the descent
K on the descent

From time to time, the snowfall becomes hard. But doesn't last long.

The quantity of snow in this region is amazing.
K on the descent
K on the descent

The traffic was also alternating one-way due to some snow removal works on the Niseko-Ohashi Bridge.
K's bike


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