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Training Report - Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 34

K participated in this training. It was minus 14 degrees Celsius at the Tokachidake Hot Springs (Tokachidake Onsen). The travelled distance was 26km.

It began to snow about one hour befor the departure. Before the snowfall, the road wasn't well covered with snow but now, it's enough snow covered. However, up to the altitude of 700m, especially between the Nakachaya Gate and the altitude of 700m where the snowremoval was well done, there were parts where the snow layer was thin as the asphalt had been exposed there before the snowfall. As the studs have been reaching the asphalt beneath the snowlayer where it was thin, he rode avoiding the thin snowlayer. Over the altitude of 800m, the thickness of snow layer was enough. So he didn't need to choose the parts where he was going to ride. Ruts were deep at around the altitude of 900m. He thought he wouldn't be able to speed during the descent.

Because of high temperature, the snow is heavy. He needs more power than usual to climb.
K on the climb

After passing the altitude of 1000m, the snow became a little lighter. He can climb more easily but he still needs a little power because the snow removal state isn't very good.
K in the KTV
K on the climb
K on the climb

Passing the last hairpin bends, the rear wheel spins several times as the studs do not reach the ice or compacted snow nder the fresh snow.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

Sprint training at the summit.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs
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The sun is rising.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

Broken branches.

K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

He once descended up to the hairpin bends and climbed again.

The clouds are dissipating.
K at the Tokachidake Onsen

He descended up to the altitude of 1100m.

Thirt climb. This is the upper end of the clouds. The temperature went down during a short period of time. He raised the facecover.
K on the climb

Final approach to the summit.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

Just when he arrived to the summit, it was covered with clouds which were climing the slant of the mointain.

After preparing for the descent, he did sprint training once.
K in the sprint

The snow height reached the upper end of the mirror in this season as well.
K on the descent

K on the descent
K on the descent

During the descent, he climbed a short distance again.
K on the climb


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