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Training Report - Shinoro

(This is an imported training report from Tesseract's personal site)

This day, Tesseract went alone to train. Normally Tesseract does't report when he goes to train alone. However, as he got some interesting photos of ground blizzard, we put his report to show them.

The temperature was around minus 6 degrees Celsius on the plain.
He was heading for Oyafuru to train on the frozen rivers. The ground blizzard was quite strong, so he activated the taillight and he was regretting having forgot to bring the headlight on him.

As you see on the photo below, the visibility was extremely limited because of the ground blizzard. So he stopped because it wasn't easy to ride without distinguishing the road. He had no idea where the road was. Such phenomenon in which you can distinguish nothing because of ground blizzard or heavy snowfall and every thing turns into white is called whiteout.

The ground blizzard seemed not to cease.
Ground blizzard in Takuhoku

As the blizzard didn't cease, he changed his heading for the south of Shinoro. Because it is well know that such bad weather is typical in this region in north of Shinoro.
Ground blizzard in Takuhoku

In the south of Shinoro, the weather was fine and he rode there. However, on the way home, he passed the north of Shinoro again and he was caught by the hard ground blizzard again. That was worse than the photos above. He nearly collided a car from the opposite direction. He and the driver couldn't see each other and couldn't figure out where was the road as the visibility was limited to less than 5m because of the ground blizzard. Moreover, the bottle was frozen that he couldn't drink the water any more.

But he commented that that is Hokkaido, that is the winter bike training.


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