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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 4

After more than a month of absence, Tesseract came back from the Mainland of Japan where he is studying. We are going to resume our reports.

The temperature was around minus 10 degrees Celsius at the Kenashi Pass (648m).

Mr.Takahashi and Tesseract participated in this day's training. It was a little snowy. But one might say that this was very good condition to ride bikes as the road was always covered by fresh snow and the snow was getting compacted.

After the training at the Asari Pass (refer to: Asari Pass), Mr.Takahashi was very pleased with the training on snow. So he has continued to train and become specialist of snowbiking. He has trained often on the Kenashi Pass.

The previous day, he went to train and he was tired this day. On the contrary, Tesseract couldn't go to training for more than a month due to his studies. Therefore, he lost his force a lot to ride a bike. So both weren't in good shape.

Our training began at the altitude of 250m. We at first didn't ride competitively as both weren't in a good condition. However, approaching the summit, we have increased the velocity and began to ride competitively. As the result of the long sprint on the final climbing at the Kenashi Pass, Tesseract beat Mr.Takahashi. Tesseract's victory pose at the summit.
Tesseract's victory at the Kenashi Pass

And Mr.Takahashi arrived soon. He commented he would beat Tesseract in the next training.
Mr.Takahashi at the Kenashi Pass

We wore the windcheaters and began to descend in the direction of Akaigawa.

At the entrance of Kiroro Skiing Resort, we took off the windcheaters and began to climb the Kenashi Pass again via a narrow route.
Mr.Takahashi Tesseract

On this narrow road, there was a lot of fresh snow. We were advancing raising snow dust.
Mr.Takahashi with snow dust

Tesseract with snow dust

This year, the snow height was enormous. In some regions, we had more snow than the precedent year where we had a record snow quantity.
Mr.Takahashi and snow

We passed the Kenashi Pass again and descended in the direction of Otaru climbing some small hills. On the ascent to the last hill, Mr.Takahashi was leading and Tesseract was suffering a lot behind his wheel. Tesseract barely stayed behind his wheel but didn't allow to enlarge the gap between two wheels more than 5cm. Because he knew, if he had let the gap increase more than that, he wouldn't have kept up the speed of Mr.Takahashi. Mr.Takahashi was strong.

After the summit of the last hill, it's the field that Tesseract likes: the descent. Tesseract who likes descent began to descend agressively.
Tesseract on the descent of the Kenashi Pass

Even Mr.Takahashi chose not to follow the mad descent of Tesseract.
Mr.Takahashi on the descent of the Kenashi Pass

The Sea of Japan is ahead of us as if we plunged into.
Tesseract on the descent of the Kenashi Pass

The following hairpin bends, Tesseract descended drifting without braking with the cornering style of putting out the inside leg out of the pedal at corners. He once skidded off considerably in a left-hand corner but fortunately he regained the control of the bike.

Tesseract's traveled distance was 40.32km, the average speed was 15.6km/h and the maximal velocity was 53.5km/h.

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