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Training Report - Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 5

Cairn and Tesseract participated in this training. It was minus 16 degrees Celsius at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs.

Travelled distance: 24km

For Cairn, it's first time to climb the Mt.Tokachidake in winter. He is a little concerned about the cold of the Mt.Tokachidake.
Cairn in the climb

Tesseract is used to the cold of the Mt.Tokachidake. So for him, there is no problem.
Tesseract in the climb

The Mt.Furanodake (Mt.Furano) entered the view.
Cairn and the Mt.Furanodake

But it's more and more covered by clouds. It's snowing on the summit of the Mt.Furanodake.
Tesseract and the Mt.Furanodake

High mountains (including the Mt.Tokachidake) are being covered by snow clouds.
Tesseract with the Mt.Tokachidake

A little staggering.
Cairn in the climb

Tesseract seems to feel hot as he wore a lot.
Tesseract with view of Kamifurano

Cairn as well, he seems to feel hot as he wore a lot.
Cairn with view of Kamifurano

It began to snow. Cairn activated the tail lamp.
Cairn and the Mt.Furanodake

Tesseract activated his as well. His new tail lamp is really bright.
Tesseract and the Mt.Furanodake

We entered the part where the gradient is 140 per mill. Cairn who is good at uphill is accelerating.
Cairn in the climb

As Cairn accelerated, we began to ride competitively. When Tesseract was racing, Cairn had no way to beat him in the climb. But after 13 years of retirement, currently Tesseract rides bike only 2-3 times a month and he lost the mojority of his force. However, Cairn is still racing so our speed in the climb is very close. We climbed last 2 kilometres changing the lead. We both pedaled at the maximal power. When Tesseract accelerated 7 hectometres from the summit, Cairn tried to chase him in haste. But this haste caused his stop. He stopped two times because his tyres were taken by snow. But c'est la vie!

Tesseract arrived first to the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs where there is the highest motorable road in Hokkaido during the winter. Its altitude is 1280m.
Tesseract at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs

Cairn arrived 41 seconds later.
Cairn at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs

View from the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs.

Snow crystals on the saddles. As the temperature is low: minus 16 degrees Celsius, snow crystals preserve their form.
Snow crystal

Snow crystal

We stayed there for a while chatting. And began to descend.

Tesseract precedes.
Tesseract in the downhill

Cairn is using studded tyres of bad condition, so he's descending very slowly. The gap is already 40 seconds.
Cairn in the downhill

The state of snow on the road is not good. As the snowfall is strong, the snow height is increasing very rapidly.

Tesseract seems ok even in this condition.
Tesseract in the downhill

But Cairn doesn't seem ok.
Cairn in the downhill

The snow fall is more and more stronger.
Tesseract in the downhill

Cairn who isn't used to cold of the Mt.Tokachidake began to show some sign of hypothermia.
Cairn in the downhill

Tesseract used a car as wind shield but this car almost hit a car from the opposite direction as it skidded in a left-hand corner. So Tesseract didn't want to stay behind this car and passed it. Cairn is descending practicing Switchback Descent as he showed some sign of hypothermia.

Tesseract arrived first at the foot of the mountain.
Tesseract at the foot

Cairn arrived 22 minutes later. Mayby it's because of Switchback Descent, he arrived so late. Because he climbed again for 100 metres (horizontal distance). He is overwhelmed by the cold of the downhill.
Cairn at the foot


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