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Training Report - Oyafuru 22

K alone participated in this training. It was minus 4 degrees Celsius in Oyafuru.

Travelled distance: 9km

As we presented in Oyafuru 20 K rearmed his first road racing bike for snow to use in regions where ground blizzard is strong like Oyafuru 8. However, there was no occasion so far to test its ability. And finally the occasion came. A low pressure which is situated at the east of Hokkaido has been developped a lot and its central pressure reached 972hPa. Therefore, strong seasonal west winds are blowing.

Heading for Oyafuru.
K in Takuhoku
K in Takuhoku

He has to cross the Oyafuru-Ohashi Bridge to reach Oyafuru. However, many large vehicles at 80km/h pass on this bridge as it's a National Highway 337 and cyclists are barely seen by automobilists in this blizzard. So K waited for a moment where the visibility be better and crossed the bridge.

He entered Oyafuru where the winds are super strong. He has to incline his body to resist to the winds.
K in Oyafuru

From time to time blasts carry him away.
K in Oyafuru

There's no huge snowdrift in spite of super strong winds. So it's much easier to ride in comparison with Oyafuru 8.

He wasn't very motivated to ride as he was busy this day. He came here just to enjoy ground blizzard shortly. So he headed back for Sapporo soon after reaching Oyafuru. On the route, he had to cross the Oyafuru-Ohashi Bridge again. But this time, the visibiity was good and he crossed it without difficulty.

Passing the riverside of the Barato River again. This road is infamous for low visibility during strong ground blizzard.
K in Takuhoku
K in Takuhoku
K in Takuhoku

This road's overview is like this.
Road in Takuhoku
Road in Takuhoku

His bike became like this. All white.
K's bike

He rode this day 9K only because of shortage of time. But he is satisfied with his new equipments against the ground blizzard which provide sufficient protection against the blizzard.


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