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Training Report - Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 75

K participated in this training. It was minus 7 degrees Celsius at the Tokachidake Hot Springs (Tokachidake Onsen). The travelled distance was 11km. The maximal speed was 57.5km/h.

It didn't snow during two days and then the temperature was high due to strong sunlight. Therefore, the road wasn't snow covered up to the altitude of 950m. Even above the altitude of 1000m, the asphalt was partially exposed to the air. He climbs avoiding the exposed asphalt.
K on the climb

The morning glow is beautiful.
Morning glow

The sun is rising. He does a long sprint training here.
K on the climb

Sprint training up to the summit. He feels really hot because of the the antifog protector band which prevents glasses from freezing (cf. Mt.Tokachidake 29). He is wearing this as the temperature was enough low when he was starting the training. However, the temperature is rising much more rapidly than expected.
K at the sprint

Usual sprint training at the summit.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

After preparing for the descent, he did sprint training once again in order to warm up the body before the descent.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

Descending at the altitude of 1150m.
K on the descent

The second climb and the usual sprint training. During the first climb, there was no wind but now the south-east winds are very strong and the temperature is rising really rapidly.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

After preparing for the second descent, he did the sprint training just a time in order to warm up.
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

The road surface state is relatively good. The snow is well compacted or became hard ice. But because of unenenness of the surface, he doesn't speed in the corners as the compound of Schwalbe tires is too hard so that they grasp the surface well although he uses these tires at very low air pressures aroung 1.7 bars.
K on the descent


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