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Training Report - Kenashi Pass

The temperature was about 9 degrees Celsius below zero at the highest point of this day: the Kenashi Pass.

Dr.K, Cairn and Tesseract did a time trial from the car parking at the altitude of 510m to the Kenashi Pass at the altitude of 648m.

We were warming up around the start point.
Tesseract and Cairn

As there was more snow this year than usual, the snow was getting over the avalanche fences. If there was more snow, maybe avalanche controls would be needed.
Tesseract and Cairn

The start point.
It is strangely written on the sign "Kenashi Pass" although the real Kenashi Pass (the finish point of this time trial) is 6.84km away from here.
Cairn Tesseract

The record of the time trial:
Tesseract: 20 minutes 13 seconds (the average speed: 20.30km/h)
Cairn: 25 minutes 52 seconds (the average speed: 15.86km/h)

Just a photo of souvenir after the finish at the Kenashi Pass (648m).
Tesseract and Cairn at the Kenashi Pass

After the time trial, we descended to Akaigawa.

A souvenir photo with the Mt.Yoichidake (The highest mountain in Sapporo) as the background.
Tesseract and Cairn with the Mt.Yoichidake

The rim height was increased by snow.
Aerodynamic wheel

A photo after the training. The background is the Sea of Japan. But it's difficult to see it with the quality of this photo.
Tesseract and Cairn with the Sea of Japan

The maximum speed of this day was 55.5 km/h.

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