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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 2

The temperature was about minus 7 degrees Celsius at the Kenashi Pass. As the road condition was good, we could pedal safely at maximal cadence even at a high velocity. So we could keep warm also on the descent, therefore, we didn't feel cold this day.

Dr.K, Mr.Hasegawa and Tesseract participated in this training. We did a time trial from the car parking at 510m to the summit of the Kenashi Pass at 648m.

The construction of the avalanche fances (refer to: Avalanche fences) had been at last completed.
Avalanche fences

At the summit of the Kenashi Pass
Tesseract at the Kenashi Pass

Tesseract's record of the time trial. Last time Tesseract did the time trial on the same route, the record was 20 minutes 13 seconds. This time, he was slower more than 3 minutes than the last time. It had been about 3 months he didn't train. So the record is understandable.
Tesseract's record

After the time trial, we descended in the direction of Akaigawa and climbed up the Kenashi Pass again.

So far, our comrade Dr.K who recently became considerably strong has never shown up on this site. This time we asked him to reveal his appearance a little. So this is the first time he shows up on this site.
Dr.K on the ascent of the Kenashi Pass

The snow depth was too high for this period of year. Even the last season where we had enormous snow didn't have such amount of snow in the same period of year.
Tesseract on the ascent of the Kenashi Pass

The maximum velocity of this day was 59.0km/h. Not bad for such heavy studded tires.

The Kenashi Pass Profile
Kenashi Pass profile
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Routes Introduction/Kenashi Pass 2/2


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