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Training Report - Mt.Teine 3

Dr.K, Cairn and Tsseract participated in this training.

This day, it was not real training. A journalist came to watch and photograph our training for their coverage.

The temperature was about minus 6 degrees Celsius on the Mt.Teine. We climbed the Mt.Teine during he was photographing. We stayed together up to the Aerial Cableway Station so that all of us be in a same frame. Tsseract led the group from the foot up to the station.

At the altitude 550m, arriving to the lodge of the skiing resort.
Tsseract, Cairn and Dr.K on the Mt.Teine

On the descent also, we stayed together.
Tsseract, Cairn and Dr.K on the descent of the Mt.Teine

As you see on the photos above, it's too strange. Two of us were using MTB handlebars and Tsseract was using a road handlebar. Therefore, the posture is completely different among three. Strange...

After finishing our interview, we descended freely. Our bunch exploded completely. We regrouped together at the altitude of 240m. Tsseract arrived at first, Dr.K about 30 seconds later and Cairn a minute and a half later.

We descended from 240m to the foot of the mountain through a not snowremoved road. Tsseract's bike is not suitable for not snowremoved roads because of its handlebar and high positioned saddle. Dr.K led the group in this descent. Dr.K arrived at first to the foot of the mountain, soon Tsseract and about a minute and a half later Cairn.

Tsseract's travelled distance was 20.27km (it's short but ok as it was not a real training), the average speed was 11.4km/h (it's extremely slow but it was so as being interviewed, photographed and so on) and the maximal velocity was 55.5km/h.

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