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Training Report - Mt.Teine 8

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training. It was circa minus 5 degrees Celsius on the Mt.Teine. The travelled distance was about 22km (at the beginning of the training, the cycle-computer was malfunctioning so we don't know the exact distance), the maximal velocity was 56.8km/h.

The view from the new Teine Bridge. The high school Tesseract graduated from: Teine High School is on the photo.
Tesseract on the Teine Bridge

The lighting of the skiing resort was still active. We could see the summit of the Mt.Teine.
Dr.K on the ascent of the Mt.Teine

It began to snow on the mountain.
Tesseract on the ascent of the Mt.Teine

Because of the snowfall, we began to see the summit of the Mt.Teine indistinctly.
Dr.K on the ascent of the Mt.Teine

Tesseract arrived first. It was snowing a little.
Tesseract on the Mt.Teine

And Dr.K arrived.
Dr.K on the Mt.Teine

After that, we did interval sprint training on the Mt.Teine. Sprint is the Dr.K's forte.
Dr.K on the Mt.Teine

Tesseract doesn't like sprint.
Tesseract on the Mt.Teine

But descent is Tesseract's field. Especially he's fast in the straight. But he didn't speed this time as the traffic of the opposite direction was very heavy. Nevertheless, he trys to increase the gap in the downhill.
Tesseract on the descent of the Mt.Teine

But this time, Dr.K is pursuing.
Dr.K on the descent of the Mt.Teine

Tesseract keeps pedaling in corners in order to use the power oversteer.
Tesseract on the descent of the Mt.Teine

Dr.K is trying not to let the gap increase taking risks in corners.
Dr.K in the descent of the Mt.Teine

Dr.K followed a car to diminish the gap. But that car was that Tesseract had passed a while ago. Means Tesseract descended much faster than that car Dr.K was using as pacer. So as long as Dr.K follows that car, he would never catch up Tesseract.

Tesseract won the descent. This time, the gap wasn't as big as usual, about 3 minutes in total.


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