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Training Report - Oyafuru 10

(This is an imported training report from Tesseract's personal site)

Again Tesseract's individual training report. The temperature was minus 5 degrees Celsius in Oyafuru. So it was a warm day. He went again to see the hard rime by bike. But this day, the fog of the previous night wasn't so intense and the temperature wasn't so low. Therefore, the hard rime wasn't so noticeable. Moreover, a micro-depression on the Ishikari Bay caused a lot of snowfall the day before, so the snow was underneath the hard rime. So very difficult to distinguish it.
Avenue in Ainosato

Interesting form of stuck snow on the road sign.
Road sign

The reason why the big branches are white is snowfall and the reason why the small branches are white is hard rime produced by supercooled water of fog.
Trees in Oyafuru

He parked his bike for a while.
Tesseract's bike

A road lit by the morning sunlight.
Road in Oyafuru

This is the same place as the fourth photo of Oyafuru 9.
Hard rime

So peaceful morning. It's incredible you can enjoy such a peaceful landscape just 20km away from the centre of Sapporo.
Road in Oyafuru


Snow fences are snow covered because of east wind (fences are designed to prevent west or northweast wind).
Snow fences


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