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Training Report - Oyafuru 9

(This is an imported training report from Tesseract's personal site)

Tesseract's individual training report. As he doesn't race anymore, it's not a real training. He's nothing motivated in riding bikes. He rode only 2000km the precedent year! (He used to ride 22000km a year when he was racing). This day, he just went to see the hard rime produced by an intense fog which had come from the Ishikari River.

The temperature was minus 13 degrees Celsius in Oyafuru. It was a cold morning because of the radiative cooling. The previous day, it snowed a lot because of a micro-depression on the Ishikari Bay so roads were well snow covered.

He parked his bike to enjoy the view.
Hard rime in Yamaguchi

Trees in Oyafuru.
Trees in Oyafuru

A road headding for west.
Road in Oyafuru

Very beautiful. Don't you think so?
Hard rime

He saw some photographers taking pictures of hard rime on the way.
Hard rime

Windturbines situated in Shinko-Minami.

The Mt.Asaridake.

Again the windturbines.

From time to time, diamond dust (ice prisms) falls from the sky and reflects the sun light.
Diamond dust

The Barato River is completely covered with ice. When it doesn't snow much, you can ride on the Barato River but this season, we have a little too much snow so that you can't ride on the river. But we have still less snow than usual.
Barato River


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