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Training Report - Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 2

Dr.K and K participated in this training. It was minus 14 degrees Celsius at the Tokachidake Hot Springs (Tokachidake Onsen). The temperature was similar to that of the last training on the Mt.Tokachidake (cf. Mt.Tokachidake) but from time to time the sunlight reaches the ground through interstices of clouds and it's adready March so the sunlight was warm. Therefore, we didn't feel cold like the last time.

Travelled distance: 31.09km

We are beginning to climb. It's already March but there is enough snow to ride.
Dr.K in Kamifurano

From this point, the climb becomes steeper.
K in Kamifurano

K seems to feel hot as he wears a lot to resist to the cold of the Mt.Tokachidake.
K on the climb

Dr.K seems to feel hot as well.
Dr.K on the climb

K continues climbing to his rhythm.
K on the climb
K on the climb

Dr.K began to drop.
Dr.K on the climb
Dr.K on the climb

From time to time, the mountain side of the Mt.Furanodake emerges when the clouds dissipate.
K on the climb

We climbed regrouping several times.
Dr.K on the climb

The Mt.Furanodake appeared in front of us.
K on the climb

But soon became indistinct.
Dr.K on the climb

K waited for Dr.K several times and we continued climbing regrouping from time to time.

K is climbing a very steep part (the gradient is 14 percent here) with a high revolution.

Dr.K has difficulty in riding straight.

From this point, we climbed to the Tokachidake Hot Spring without regrouping.

K shows how to ride standing on the pedals in the snow.

Dr.K tries to do the same but the road is too steep so that you do it without displacing the centre of gravity properly.

K showed up first in the final approach to the hot spring. The gradient of the last part of the climb is around 140 per mill. Very steep.
K on the climb

K arrived first to the highest snow removed motorable road in Hokkaido (altitude: 1280m).
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs
K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

Dr.K arrived there 3 minutes 20 seconds later.
Dr.K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs
Dr.K at the Tokachidake Hot Springs

View from the Tokachidake Hot Spring.
Tokachidake Hot Springs
Tokachidake Hot Springs

The descent is fun. K is passing this corner blocking the rotation of the rear wheel to make turn the bike. Momentarily he effectuated counter-steering.

Dr.K did the same thing.

At the bifurcation which is situated at the altitude of 1010m, we met an Australian skiers group. K was talking with them waiting for Dr.K arriving to the bifurcation.

We left this road and headed for the Fukiage Hot Springs.
K on the climb

We can see the Mt.Furanodake.
Dr.K on the climb

K arrived first at the Fukiage Hot Spring.
K at the Fukiage Hot Springs

Dr.K arrived a little later.
Dr.K at the Fukiage Hot Springs

On the way home, finally we could see the summit of the Mt.Furanodake. We lunched in a restaurant. After eating the lunch, we resumed our course.

K broke away and increased the gap passing corners. But as he is riding with heavy studded tires (cf. Studded tires), his speed doesn't get high in the straight. He is entering the slipstream of a car in front.

This time, not as usual but Dr.K is pursueing him. As the road surface condition is really good, Dr.K who always descends slowly speeds this time. Moreover, as he is using light studded tires, he has advantages in this nice road surface condition.

View of Kamifurano.

Usually K wins the descent with a huge gap to Dr.K. But this time, K stopped several times to enjoy the landscape so the gap didn't increase much and Dr.K once caught up him. However, K arrived first at the foot of the mountain. And Dr.K arrived there soon.

This day, we saw many drivers and skiers taking our pictures or videos. Snow cycling must be rare in this region not like around Sapporo. Around Sapporo, for example at the Kenashi Pass, nobody's suprised at seeing us.


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