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Training Report - Mt.Teine 11

The second week of March, in this period of year, it's rare roads are snow covered in the daytime. Therefore, we went training at night. Nocturnal training is really popular among us.

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training. It was minus 7 degrees Celsius at the aerial cableway station.

Travelled distance: 22km

Tesseract equipped his bike with two headlights. One of them is bright and the other is not.
Tesseract in the climb

Dr.K equipped his bike with a bright headlight and his helmet with another one.
Dr.K in the climb

Night view from the bridge (cf. Mt.Teine 7).
Night view from the bridge

Dr.K in the climb.
Dr.K in the climb

The Mt.Neopara entered in the sight. Tesseract's bike is equipped with a bright tail lamp in order to be recognised by automobilists even in a strong ground blizzard.
Tesseract in the climb of the Mt.Teine

Dr.K's tail lamp is not bright as he's not used to riding in ground blizzard (cf. Funaba-cho).
Dr.K in the climb of the Mt.Teine

Tesseract and the night view of the city Teine.
Tesseract and the night view of the city Teine

Dr.K and the night view of the city Teine.
Dr.K and the night view of the city Teine

The Mt.Neopara soars in front of us.
Tesseract and the Mt.Neopara

We see the summit of the Mt.Teine in front of us.
Tesseract and the Mt.Teine

The road is covered with very muddy snow because the snow on the road has been scratched by cars driven by automobilists who practice on drifting at midnight. So the road surface became unfavorable for cyclists.
Dr.K and the Mt.Teine

We climbed up to here talking together but Tesseract decided to ride on his rhythm from this point. Dr.K pulled off soon.

Tesseract arrived first to the aerial cableway station.
Tesseract on the Mt.Teine

Dr.K arrived there 44 seconds later.
Dr.K on the Mt.Teine

The night of Teine Skiing Resort.
Teine Skiing Resort

Dr.K and Tesseract's bike.

We began to descend.

As usual, Tesseract broke away.
Tesseract on the descent

Dr.K is dropping.
Dr.K on the descent

Tesseract manoeuvres his headlight before entering corners so that the light turns toward the exit of corners. Tesseract's passing this corner using the power oversteering. You can hear the sound of the power steering. However, in this video, you can see his front tire lost the adhesion and skidded three times.


Dr.K tried to do the power oversteering but he couldn't because it was too dark and he wasn't sure of himself.


Tesseract arrived first to the bridge and Dr.K arrived there about 2 minutes later. We stopped there and enjoyed the view from the bridge.
Night view of Teine

After enjoying the view, we recommenced the descent. Tesseract arrived first and Dr.K arrived about one minute later. Instead of waiting for Dr.K, Tesseract passed a bypass (which bypasses the part of the road which is heated to melt the snow) in order to not damage the studs of tires as he uses the studded tires with extreme care (cf. Studded tires) and he met Dr.K who had passed the direct route exactly at the exit of the bypass.


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