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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 21

Dr.K and K participated in this training. It was minus 4 degrees Celsius at the Kenashi Pass.

This season, we have more snow than usual. Early this morning, we have confirmed that the snow height meter on the Kenashi Pass was indicating 304cm. We came to the Kenashi Pass to see that amount of snow, although we knew that the snow on the road would be melted at the time where we would ride (due to Dr.K's business, we couldn't gather earlier) because of a strong sunshine. Riding on the wet road would be extremely uncomfortable. But we decided to go to ride.

We began our climb from the Akaigawa side.

Because of excessive snow removal, the snow on the road is almost gone. The asphalt is begining to emerge.
Dr.K in the climb

A large amount of snow is surmounting the anti-avalanche fences.
K in the climb

Arriving at the summit of the Kenashi Pass, Dr.K dropped out once and arrived there few seconds later after K. We passed the summit of the Kenashi Pass and arriving at the Second Kenashi Pass.

There is a lot of snow on the Second Kenashi Pass.
K at the Second Kenashi Pass
K at the Second Kenashi Pass

Dr.K at the Second Kenashi Pass

This is the sign which indicates the border between Otaru and Akaigawa. It's completely buried under the snow.
K at the Second Kenashi Pass
Dr.K at the Second Kenashi Pass

We descended a little to the Otaru side.
Dr.K in the downhill

The snow quantity is amazing.
K in the downhill

We head back to Akaigawa.
K with snow wall

We are riding on the snow left at the edge of the road.
Dr.K with snow wall

The snow melted part on the asphalt is enlarging.
Dr.K in the climb

Going to pass the summit of the Kenashi Pass.
K in the climb

The snow on the road was completely gone at the Akaigawa side and the road surface was completely wet. Dr.K who didn't care about gettting mudded descended normally but K who didn't want to get mudded descended slowly. So Dr.K won this descent with a face covered with mud.

This amount of snow reminds us the season 2005-2006 like Kenashi Pass 6 where we had a lot of snow.
K and huge snow


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