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Training Report - Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 12

Dr.K and K participated in this training. It was minus 11 degrees Celsius at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs in the morning. East wind was super-strong this day.

Travelled distance: 22km

It wasn't snowing at the foot. But gaining altitude, we have snowfall more and more stronger.
Dr.K and the Mt.Furanodake


K and the view of Kamifurano.
K and Kamifurano

K activated the tail lamp.
K and the Mt.Furanodake

Dr.K activated the tail lamp as well. From this altitude, the hard rime begins.
Dr.K and the Mt.Furanodake

The sun is going in.
Dr.K and the Mt.Furanodake

The snowfall becomes stronger.
K on the climb

The visibility is going down. Dr.K is left behind several time but K waits every time and we climb together talking.
Dr.K on the climb

A cyclist looks like a part of the great nature. From time to time, strong winds shake us.
K on the climb

As very few cars passed, the snow on the road was not compacted at all and the road was covered with fresh snow. Dr.K gave up to ride the bike 5 hectometres from the summit and began to walk pushing the bike.

The last hairpin turns are known place hard to pass in such road surface condition. K is straggling with the deep muddy snow on the road surface. He gave up as well to ride the bike and walked the last 150 metres pushing the bike.
K on the climb
K on the climb

Dr.K tries to climb on the bike.
Dr.K on the climb
Dr.K on the climb

After passing snowdrift section, K recommenced to ride the bike. The wind was super strong at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs. You can be braught by wind if you stand on your foot.
K at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs
K at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs
K at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs

Dr.K arrived to the summit 2 minutes 35 seconds later.
Dr.K at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs
Dr.K at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs

A photo is not describing super strong winds well.
Strong blizzard

As the wind was super strong, we couldn't prepare ourselves for the downhill. So we entered in Ryounkaku which is situated at the summit of this route and lunched there. Then we parepared ourselves for the descent inside the building.

After the lunch, we went outside but the wind was stronger than a short while ago. We both were almost taken away by the winds.

We began to descend prudently as the road surface was muddy.
K on the downhill
K on the downhill

After leaving the bleak part at the summit, the wind became weaker as it was blocked by the slant.

K precedes.
K on the downhill

Dr.K is left behind. The gap is already 5 minutes.
Dr.K on the downhill

We regrouped at the fork.

After passing the fork, the speed increased as the road surface condition had become better. The velocity was around 50K. But because of the snowremoval pattern, it was difficult to speed faster than 50K as the rear tire was easely taken by the pattern.

K arrived first to the foot.
K in Kamifurano

Dr.K arrived 3 minutes later.
Dr.K in Kamifurano


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