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Training Report - Furano 6

K participated in this training. It was minus 5 degrees Celsius at Higashi-Tomioka. There was a depression of which the centre pressure was 974hPa at the east of Hokkaido. Therefore, the winds were strong. However, on the Furano Basin, winds aren't so strong like on the Ishikari Plain (cf. Oyafuru 22, Oyafuru 23).

He started at Furebetsu. On the prefectural road, the snow is almost gone because of the strong winds.
K in Furebetsu

On the way to Higashi-Tomioka, there were many snow drifts. However there was no huge snow drift. So they didn't affect the course.

Ground blizzard is a little strong here. Here snow drifts form easily. Removed snow drifts formed piles snow on the both sides of the road.
K in Higashi-Tomioka

He is doing sprint training several times here in Higashi-Tomioka. The studded tires of Nokian do not grasp well the ice in comparison with Schwalbe tires. It's difficult to control the bike on this slippy ice. They aren't suitable for completely snow or ice covered roads.
K in the sprint
K in the sprint

When he was heading back for Furebetsu, the trace he had left was already gone.
K on the descent

An aged man who was promenading addressed him:

An aged man:
Are you ok?

I'm perfectly ok.

An aged man:
Where are you heading for?

Near Rokugo.

An aged man:
You still have about 7K to go. Are you sure you are ok?

Don't worry about that. I just go back the route I took when I came here.

This man might have never seen a cyclist riding in the snow. So he became worried.

Heading back for Furebetsu.

A snow plough passed him.
Snow plough

Bifurcation with the prefectural road. Thanks to the strong fair winds, it's very easy to go back.

On the prefectural road, there is very few snow.
K in Furebetsu
K in Furebetsu


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