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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 3

The temperature was about minus 6 degrees Celsius below zero at the Kenashi Pass. We were in a warm air mass lying in the south of a small depression hovering over the Bay of Ishikari, so the temperature was high for this period of season. So we didn't feel cold. As this depression was passing in the north of us, anti-clockwise wind around that was bringing about lift at the west side of the mountain range containing Mt. Yoichidake (the highest point in Sapporo). So at the west side of this mountain range, it was snowing hard from time to time although it wasn't snowing at the east side where Sapporo lies.

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training. On the road, there was plenty of fresh snow, as it was snowing hard intermittently. Hence, it wasn't easy to maneuver the bike in high speed.
The uphill of the Kenashi Pass

In warming-up. Tesseract and his bike were already covered by snow.
Snow covered Tesseract

While we were approaching the summit of the Kenashi Pass, the snow was getting harder.
Blizzard on the uphill of the Kenashi Pass

Dr.K was heading for the summit with activated taillight.
Dr.K with the taillight

The final approach to the Kenashi Pass. The snowfall was getting worse at the summit. Tesseract was riding the last hectometre to the summit with activated taillight. The Kenashi Pass is notorious for bad visibility because of heavy snowfall. This photo proves that.
Tesseract at the Kenashi Pass in blizzard
We crossed the summit without stopping and began to descent in the direction of Akaigawa. We rode out of the National Route, via a small road and reached the Entrance of Skiing Resort Kiroro.

Riding on fresh snow.
Tesseract on fresh snow

Because of snowstorm and deep snow, the bike's state became like this. As the rim height was increased by snow, the aerodynamics might have been increased as well.
Aerodynamic wheel

The snow ceased momentarily. Tesseract indicates the direction of the highest point of Sapporo: Mount Yoichidake (1488m) from the Akaigawa's side. But we couldn't see its summit as it was covered by clouds. Beyond that mountain, it's Sapporo where it wasn't snowing at that moment. Those mountains were blocking the bad weather.
Mt.Yoichidake and Tesseract

It began to snow again. Every thing became white.
Every thing's white

The second passage on the Kenashi Pass. It wasn't snowing anymore when we passed the pass second time.
Dr.K at the Kenashi Pass

The descent was difficult because of the bad road condition. The velocity was mostly less than 40km/h. Normally bikes run faster than cars on the descent. But this time not.

The maximum speed of this day was 52.0 km/h in spite of the bad road condition.

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