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Training Report - Atsuta Pass - Aoyama

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training. Tesseract wanted to train with summer road bike in Sapporo where there wasn't much snow but Dr.K didn't want because he doesn't like riding summer road bike on partially icy and snow covered roads. So Tesseract gave up and yielded to Dr.K. So we came to a region where there was enough snow bringing bikes equipped with studded tires. We had to come to Aoyama where it was snowing because of a micro-depression on the Ishikari Bay. The temperature was about minus 6 degrees Celsius on the highest point of this day. The travelled distance was 44.56km.

Final approach to the summit of the Atsuta Pass (Atsuta Mountain Road).
Tesseract in Hattari

Inspecting the state of the snow removal.
Tesseract in Aoyamaoku

Dr.K in Aoyamaoku.
Dr.K in Aoyamaoku

Tesseract in Aoyamaoku.
Tesseract in Aoyamaoku

The background is the Mt.Kamuyshiri.
Dr.K with the Mt.Kamuyshiri

Snow covered conifers.
Tesseract in Aoyamaoku

Dr.K in Aoyamaoku

We went back to Atsuta. The snowfall got stronger and the road wasn't snow removed for hours. Therefore, the tires began to submerge into the snow.
Tesseract in Aoyamaoku

Approaching the crossroads in Aoyama, the sun came back.
Dr.K in Aoyama

And passing the summit of the Atsuta Pass (Atsuta Mountain Road) again.
Tesseract in Hattari


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