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Training Report - Mt.Teine 6

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training. It was about minus 7 degrees Celsius on the Mt.Teine.

We are crossing a brand new bridge. Its construction was achieved the previous month.
Dr.K on the Teine Bridge

The old bridge which was replaced by the new.
Old Teine Bridge

The view from the new bridge. The Teine High School which is Tesseract's high school is on the photo.

Such a beautiful day! We can see the summit of the Mt.Teine clearly.

Tesseract's arrival at the aerial cableway station. We can see clouds bringing snowfall behind the mountain.
Tesseract on the Mt.Teine

Dr.K arrived soon.
Dr.K on the Mt.Teine

Resting at the parking of the aerial cableway station.

During the descent, it started to snow.
Tesseract on the descent

The snowfall got stronger in the blink of an eye.
Dr.K on the descent

The visibility went down to several dozens metres due to a strong snowfall. In addition, the snow was very sticky to the face and our faces were freezing. Fortunately Dr.K did bring a face cover but Tesseract didn't.

We did Switchback Descent for the first time in the history of this site.

Crossing the new bridge again.
Tesseract on the Teine Bridge

Dr.K with his face cover.
Dr.K on the Teine Bridge

The snow on the road was half compacted and half muddy. Moreover, everything was white because of the snowfall, almighty whiteout. Therefore we could nothing distinguish. The descent was extremely difficult. Tesseract who had taken a lot of risks in this bad condition won the descent with about five minutes time gap in total (we did switchback descent and stopped two times for photographing).


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