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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 9

As we mentioned in the Trainintg reports/Tohmaru Pass 2, this season, it was impossibly warm. We chose a colder day, but it was still warm for this period of year. We had been scheduled to train on the Asari Pass this day. However, as the temperature was too high, the snow on the road was gone at a low altitude. The car parking we use for training on the Asari Pass is situated at the altitude of 160m. There wasn't enough snow at that altitude. So we changed our plan and decided to climb up to the 510m by car as a parking is available at this altitude on the Kenashi Pass. The temperature was about minus 4 degrees Celsius at the Kenashi Pass.

Dr.K, Cairn and Tesseract participated in this training. Cairn was still in the rehabilitation process after a car accident. So Cairn had difficulties to ride a bike because of its injuries. But he kept trying to go after the others. We hope he'll be fine soon.

In the first uphill, Cairn dropped out from the peloton. In the second uphill, Dr.K gave up persuing Tesseract.

Tesseract came up to the summit at first.
Tesseract at the Kenashi Pass

Dr.K at the Kenashi Pass

And Cairn. You see? he's got a new pair of wheels (ref. Bikes/Cairn's bike).
Cairn at the Kenashi Pass

We descended in the direction of Akaigawa. But as the temp was too high, the snow on the road was not enough. So we chose a narrow road instead of the National Route to descend. We reached the altitide of 400m. There we chatted for a while.
Dr.K in Akaigawa

We rode this narrow road to go back up to 530m (from 530m to the summit, there is only the National Route).
Dr.K and Cairn in Akaigawa

Series "Mt.Yoichidake (the highest point in Sapporo: 1488m).
Cairn and Tesseract are indicating (with stupid pose) the direction of the Mt.Yoichidake. Unfortunately, you can't see it because of snowfall.
Cairn and Tesseract with the Mt.Yoichidake

That the standard bike parking style.
Parking bikes

From 530m, we rode the National Route to climb the Kenashi Pass again.

Cairn dropped out at first at the altitude 550m. Dr.K and Tesseract ran ensemble for a while. At the altitude of 610m, Tesseract accelerated and increased the gap between him and Dr.K. But the gap didn't increased as Tesseract had predicted. We are sure that Dr.K was stronger than the precedent season. However, Tesseract managed to go solo and reached the summit alone.
Tesseract at the Kenashi Pass

Dozens seconds later, Dr.K came up.
Dr.K at the Kenashi Pass

And Cairn. He did well despite his injuries.
Cairn at the Kenashi Pass

The next hill, we climbed together. By the way, the altitude of this hill is the same as that of the Kenashi Pass (648m).
Tesseract and Cairn near the Kenashi Pass

And we began a high-speed descent. Tesseract began to chase cars as usual riding at 50km/h. So the gap from Tesseract to Cairn increased to 3 minutes. Among us, somehow the gap increases during the descent much more than during the ascent.

After the training, Cairn told that he had decided to compose a new mountain bike equipped with a road handlebar like Tesseract's if he could manage financially. Cairn's new bike will be equipped with a rear suspension in addition to the front suspension.

Tesseract's traveled distance was 25.71km, the average speed was 15.2km/h and the maximal velocity was 56.4km/h.

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