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Training Report - Oyafuru 7

(This is an imported training report from Tesseract's personal site)

Tesseract went alone to Oyafuru.

Usually when one of the members goes to train alone, we don't report but this time, the temperature was lower than the last training on the Asari Pass (Refer to Asari Pass 3). So we add this training report on this site as it might be interesting.

This day, in the morning, the temperature reached about minus 21 degrees Celsius in Oyafuru. It reached minus 24 degrees Celsius in Ebetsu, not far from Oyafuru. It's rare to reach such a low temperature in this region. When Tesseract went to train, il was still about minus 16 degrees Celsius. Tesseract didn't wear warm because he didn't know it was so cold as he hadn't checked the temperature on the internet before the training. But it was ok as Oyafuru is flat, there's no descent. So he felt less cold than the last training on the Asari Pass.

It didn't snow much in Sapporo.
Tesseract's bike in Takuhoku

The snow on the National Route 337 was well compacted.
National 337 in Oyafuru

It was snowing a little stronger in Oyafuru.

This year, we had less snow than usual.
Tesseract's bike in Oyafuru

Everything's white.


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