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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 17

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training. It was minus 8 degrees Celsius at the Second Kenashi Pass. This early morning, the cold front passed and a cold air mass commenced to cover the island of Hokkaido. Because of seasonal winds, it was snowing strong intermittently.

This day, we began our training one and a half hours later than planed.

We gathered at the parking situated at the altitude of 500m and we both came in cars. But the parking was badly snow cleared so Dr.K's car was stuck. We worked together to dig out the car and we managed to dig it out. After that, we have decided to park the cars in another parking at the foot of the mountain. Tesseract departed first in his car to the parking at the foot of the mounrain as his car had cleared the parking buried in the snow first and arrived at the parking at the foot first. He parked the car and waited for Dr.K reading a book. He waited more than 30 minutes but Dr.K didn't show up. His phone rang:

"Are you still stuck in the parking in which we were a while ago?"

"No. I got out there. But where are you?"

"I'm in the parking at the foot. And you?"

"What? I'm in the parking at the foot as well but I don't see you. Wait... You mean you are in the parking of the Otaru side?"

"Of course. Where are you?"

"I'm in the parking of the other side of the Kenashi Pass!"

"What? Didn't you see me head for Otaru?"

"Yeah, I did. But I thought you had made a U-turn after desappeared from my sight."

Because of this miscommunication, the begininng of our training delayed a lot. Dr.K drove back to Otaru and joined Tesseract.

We can finally commence the training.

Tesseract is climbing with a high revolution.


Dr.K seems to be in a bad form.


The tail lamp is glittering.
Tesseract in the climb

As the snow on the road isn't well compacted, it wasn't easy to ride straight.
Dr.K in the climb

The state of the snow on the road became really bad gaining the altitude. The snow on the road was very muddy. We advanced with difficulty. But when Tesseract was arriving at the Second Kenashi Pass and when Dr.K was still in the middle of the climbing, a snowplough passed us. So we can finally ride normally.

Tesseract arrived first at the Second Kenashi Pass.
Tesseract on the Second Kenashi Pass

Several minutes later, Dr.K arrived. He said he was too tired that he couldn't continue the training. So we decided to turn back here.
Dr.K on the Second Kenashi Pass

Tesseract brought new equipment. Impermeable outer gloves which have windshielding function. He wanted to try them to see if they would warm up or not. After trying these, he said, they don't warm much...

We commenced to head for home.

Tesseract's passage on the Third Kenashi Pass.
Tesseract on the Third Kenashi Pass

Dr.K can still pedal in spite of this bad form.
Dr.K on the Third Kenashi Pass

After passing this point, the visibility went down considerably because of strong snowfall. As the snow clings to the face, we felt very cold to the face. Tesseract wore a face cover during the descent.


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