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Training Report - Minamiainosato 2

Cairn and Tesseract participated in this training. We are already in the middle of March. In this season, we do training at night. We gathered at Ainosato at midnight and moved to Minamiainosato to do criterium training (cf. nocturnal criterium). This night, the temperature was high, 1 degree Celsius at Minamiainosato. As the temperature was high, the snow was very sticky. Moreover, ground blizzard was strong.

Cairn built a new bike because his ex-bike was horizontally too long. He says its manoeuvrability is really high but in spite of its high manoeuvrability, he couldn't get over a huge snowdrift formed by strong winds.


And Tesseract who has a lot of experience with snowdrifts, tries to get over the snowdrift.


It's difficult to do criterium in this condition.

Cairn's goggles' temple was split into two parts because of cold.
Cairn's goggles

We didn't train much but talked together for a while. When we decided go back, some roads were gone because of the snowdrifts.

However, we found some roads which were still motorable and we headed for the other side of the train station via Takuhoku (the closest railroad crossing is situated about 2km from here).

Tesseract's goggles are covered with sleety snow because of the high temperature and reflect the light.
Tesseract in Minamiainosato

Cairn has to deal with snowfall without goggles.
Cairn in Minamiainosato

On the course, we heard thunderclap twice.

We reentered Ainosato.

The reflection of Tesseract's goggles seems very strange.
Tesseract in Ainosato

Cairn is giving a wry smile in a strong snowfall.
Cairn in Ainosato

We arrived to the other side (north side) of the Ainosato-Kyoikudai Train Station. Because of super sticky snow on his helmet, his head seems to be bigger.

Cairn's helmet is super sticky snow covered as well. It looks like a beak.

The state of the bikes became like this. Cairn and Tesseract, both use IRC Mudmad (cf. Studded tires). Even Mudmad which usually do not attract the snow was covered with super sticky snow.

This is the north façade of the Ainosato-Kyoikudai Train Station. The last train passed this station more than one hour ago so it seems to be deserted although it's well lit up.


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