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Training Report - Tohmaru Pass 3

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training. The temperature was minus 10 degrees Celsius at the highest point of this day: 350m. We had planed to ride on the Tohmaru Pass but we were misinformed. We had been informed that the Tohmaru Pass was closed during the night due to construction work. But that information wasn't updated and we didn't know they had expanded the duration of closure to all day without our knowing. We found out the road was closed when seeing a electronic panel in Yoichi (a city we pass to go to the foot of the Tohmaru Pass).

Travelled distance: 36km

We didn't decide which way we would go. Finally we have decided to ride on a flat road heading for the mountainous area and after that, to climb the Tohmaru Pass up to the closure gate.

That flat road ends. From here, the road isn't snow remeved.
End of snow removal

We headed back for the Tohmaru Pass.

This day, Tesseract is wearing a vest and a different cap (the visor of his cap he's been using was broken). His ex-cap was one of caps he'd got from the managers of professional cycling teams when he was working for them as interpreter. And this cap is one of them as well.

Dr.K's equipment is the same as usual.

On the way, we did a practice of sprint to the summit of a small hill.


Dr.K is not very good at standing on the pedals when riding on snow because his displacement of the centre of gravity is not very suitable.


We entered the road of the Tohmaru Pass although we can't climb un to the summit.

This morning, it was blizzard when a cold front was passing. But now, it's fine.
Tesseract in the climb

Dr.K in the climb

This is the gate of closure. We had to turn back here.
Closure gate

We began to descend. Not as usual, Tesseract is descending slowly. He says he's feeling cold to the head because his new cap is too small and doesn't cover the head enough. Moreover, the snow is very soft because almost no car passes as the pass is closed.
Tesseract in the downhill

Dr.K tends to grip the brake handles even in the downhill when riding on snow.
Dr.K in the downhill

Tesseract is still descending slowly.


Also Dr.K has no intention to speed.


Usually Tesseract uses the power slide in a corner like this but this time, he's descending calmly. He set off the power slide only one stroke (can you recognise it on the video?).


Nor does Dr.K the power slide.


After descending, we regrouped at the foot of the mountain and finally commenced our training. We rode to Furubira competitively. Once Tesseract tried to escape but Dr.K caught him up soon. Then Dr.K attacked but he was caught up soon. We established a cease-fire for a while but Dr.K broke it soon and accelerated. Tesseract took a rest behind him for a while and attacked. Finally Dr.K gave up the pursuit.

Tesseract won this flat section. Unlike riding on asphalt, you have to keep pedaling while doing the victory pose as the studded tires: IRC Mudmad are extremely heavy (cf. Studded tires).


Dr.Kawashima arrived a while later.



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