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Training Report - Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 15

Mr.Suzuki, Dr.K and K participated in this training. It was minus 16 degrees Celsius at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs.

Travelled distance: 28km

The meteorological condition is good. We are climbing talking together and switching the head. Mr.Suzuki often leads the group.
Mr.Suzuki and K on the climb
Mr.Suzuki and Dr.K on the climb

From time to time, snow on the parts well lit by the sun is melted and the asphalt is emerged.
Mr.Suzuki and Dr.K on the climb

K always stays behind someone's wheels.
Mr.Suzuki and K on the climb
Mr.Suzuki and K on the climb

Dr.K leads from time to time.
Dr.K, Mr.Suzuki and the Mt.Furanodake

K just follow the others in order to rest as he isn't in form because of shortage of training.
Mr.Suzuki, K and the city of Kamifurano
Dr.K, K and the Mt.Furanodake

Dr.K and the Mt.Sanpo.
Dr.K and the Mt.Sanpo

Mr.Suzuki and the Mt.Sanpo.
Mr.Suzuki and the Mt.Sanpo

K and the Mt.Sanpo.
K and the Mt.Sanpo

Arriving to the bifurcation.


We are passing the 1100 metres of altitude without event.
Mr.Suzuki, K and the Mt.Sanpo

We have more and more cloud in the sky.
Dr.K, Mr.Suzuki and the Mt.Furano

As we are not very motivated to train, we parked our bikes and admire the wonderful view.
View of the city of Kamifurano

We climbed talking together up to the last switchback section. But enterging the section, the speed increased and Dr.K was left behind. In the section 4 hectometres to the summit, Mr.Suzuki accelarated and K couldn't follow him.

Mr.Suzuki breaks away.
Mr.Suzuki at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs

K's speed in not enough to catch him up.
K at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs

However, a dog disturbed Mr.Suzuki's course and K could catch him up thanks to that. But Mr.Suzuki won the summit anyway.
Mr.Suzuki and K at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs

Dr.K arrived later.
Dr.K at the Mt.Tokachidake Hot Springs

We began the preparation for the descent. But during the preparation, Dr.K who had finished the preparation soon left the summit without waiting for the others.
Dr.K on the downhill

The others left the summit about 5 minutes later.
K on the downhill
Mr.Suzuki on the downhill

We regrouped at a sharp lefthanded corner.

K led up to the bifurcation and arrived first there.
K on the downhill

Mr.Suzuki arrived to the bifurcation 10 seconds later.
Mr.Suzuki on the downhill

Dr.K arrived to the bifurcation about 1 minute later.
Dr.K on the downhill

From the bifurcation, K leads.
K on the downhill

But Mr.Suzuki is descending fast and passed K. Once he increased the gap on K taking advantage of high manoeuvrability in corners of MTBs. But K didn't renounce to follow.
Mr.Suzuki on the downhill

Dr.K is left behind.
Dr.K on the downhill

In the last straight section at the foot of the mountain, Mr.Suzuki and K did a long sprint and K won taking advantage of stability of road racing bikes for snow in the straight. Dr.K arrived there several minutes later.

After finishing training at the Mt.Tokachidake, Mr.Suzuki and K went to Shirogane Hot Spring for another training. We wanted to climb to Bogakudai. However, the road to Bogakudai was closed. We didn't know that this road is closed from January due to snow. It's very strange that this road is snow removed every year till the beginning of the January but closed after that. We don't know why.

We road around the Shirogane Hot Springs.
Mr.Suzuki at the Shirogane Hot Springs
K at the Shirogane Hot Springs
Mr.Suzuki at the Shirogane Hot Springs
K at the Shirogane Hot Springs

We saw a cascade called "Ao-i Taki (means Blue Cascade in Japanese).
Ai-i Taki (Blue Cascade)


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