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Route Introduction - Mt. Teine

The Mt.Teine must be one of the most famous mountains in Sapporo, the capital of the island Hokkaido. Many cyclists train there during the sommer. The climbing begins at 30m and finishes at the roapway station at 560m. In summer, the traffic is not so heavy and the climbing is suitable for the training. So the Mt.Teine is a favourable training route in summer for many cyclists. However, we see very few cyclists during the winter. There is a big skiing resort on the Mt.Teine and we have a bit heavier traffic in winter in comparison with the summer. This skiing resort is divided into two large sections. And almost visitors park their cars in the parkings of the section which is situated at the altitude of 420m.

Because of the heavy traffic, the road condition is not so good up to its first section of the skiing resort. The road state is often like this.
Climbing of the Mt.Teine

But if you pass the first section, the traffic becomes much lighter and the road condition becomes better.
Cairn on the ascent of the Mt.Teine

If you have chance, you can enjoy such snow corridor near the roapway station.
Tesseract on the ascent of the Mt.Teine

The descent is quite technical and you can enjoy it if you like the descent.
Tesseract on the descent of the Mt.Teine

In spite of many skiers, if you choose the right time around the noon, the traffic is not so heavy. The majority of skiers pass there in the morning and in the evening.

The photo we have shown above is that of the start point of the time trial during the winter. During the summer, our time trial start is at the National Route 5 and the finish is the aerial cableway station. That lasts 9.0km. But in winter, as the studded tires are extremely heavy, we have shortened the route. The finish is unchanged but the start point is 1.9km higher than summer's.

The time trial start point during the winter.
Mt.Teine time trial start point during the winter

Training Reports of the Mt.Teine
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The Mt. Teine Profile
Mt.Teine profile


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