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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 15

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training.

It was about minus 14 degrees Celsius on the Kenashi Pass. Tesseract wore three underclothes and a windbreaker under the jersey and brought another windbreaker and a windstopper vest in the pockets. His clothes weighed 3.0kg in total, heavier than that of Asari Pass 3.

During the climb, it wasn't snowing much.

Dr.K in the climb.
Dr.K in the climb

Tesseract in the climb.
Tesseract in the climb

But the snowfall became stronger as we approached the summit.
Tesseract on the Kenashi Pass

Tesseract is snow covered because of strong snowfall.
Tesseract on the Kenashi Pass

Dr.K on the Kenashi Pass.
Dr.K on the Kenashi Pass

We headed back for Otaru soon.

Tesseract on the Kenashi Pass. He wore the vest and the face cover. It was really cold on the summit. The fog on the lenses of goggles froze.
Tesseract on the Kenashi Pass

Dr.K on the Kenashi Pass.
Dr.K on the Kenashi Pass

Many cars are heading for the Kiroro Skiing Resort. It's an ideal weather for cyclists but dangerous weather for automobilists.
Tesseract on the Kenashi Pass

And Tesseract arrived first at the Second Kenashi Pass using his advantage in the small descent.
Tesseract on the Second Kenashi Pass

And soon Dr.K.
Dr.K on the Second Kenashi Pass

Tesseract used the power oversteer in the descent.
Tesseract in the descent

Tesseract descended without braking, passing a truck, making a huge gap.
Tesseract in the descent

Dr.K descended very prudently having no intention to persue.
Dr.K in the descent

Tesseract won the descent with a huge gap.


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