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Winter and Summer - Mt.Teine 2

On this page, we are going to present two similar battles of different seasons in the downhill of the Mt.Teine. The photos of winter are those that were used in the Training Report/Mt.Teine 8. And the photos of summer were taken after a training on unpaved roads. So in the summer version, they went to train with road racing bikes for snow which are equipped with MTB (mountain bike) summer tires for gravel roads.

In winter, Tesseract is gaining advantage using the power oversteer in the corner. And in summer, despite the MTB tires, he's passing the corner as if he was riding a normal road racing bike. The speed is higher in summer as you see by the inclination of the bikes.
Tesseract on the descent
Tesseract on the descent
(He uses his first bike for gravel condition in summer since its retirement from the winter use after he composed his second bike. cf. Off-season training reports/Okurige)

Dr.K is pursuing in both seasons. He's trying not to let the gap increase.
Dr.K on the descent
Dr.K on the descent


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