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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 11 - Asari Pass 2

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training.

The trend of high temperature we had mentioned in the Trainintg reports/Tohmaru Pass 2 and Trainintg reports/Kenashi Pass 9 was still continuing even in the end of January. This day, the temp was not so high but the potential of temperature was high enough (means the soil or the water under ground, in rivers etc. were warmer than usual January) to melt the snow on the road even in a low atmospheric temp. Furthermore, the excessive use of ice-melting compound like calcium chloride melted the fresh snow of the previous day.

The temperature was about minus 7 degrees Celsius at the Kenashi Pass. As the road was completely dry or wet up to a high altitude, we climbed by cars up to 510m.

The tempo of our ride was not so slow. Tesseract was leading but Dr.K didn't give up and hung on up to the final climb. Tesseract accelerated and the gab began to increase but not much.

Tesseract showed up at first at the final curve before the summit. He was suffering a lot because the gap didn't increase as he had expected. Behind him, just 30m backwards behind the curve, Dr.K was chasing him. On Tesseract's face, there was a sign of difficulties.
Tesseract at the Kenashi Pass

Few seconds later, Dr.K arrived. But it was not easy for Dr.K as well.
Dr.K at the Kenashi Pass

After passing the summit, we began to descend in the direction of Akaigawa. However, just after a little more than a kilometer, the road condition became worse, almost wet. We've decided to return although we had planed to lunch in the restaurant we had found in the precedent training (ref. Trainintg reports/Kenashi Pass 10).

We climbed again from the Akaigawa side. In this climbing, we've decided the finish line is the second summit which is situated in the north of the Kenashi Pass, and which has the same altitude as that of the Kenashi Pass. We call the summit of this second hill "Second Kenashi Pass".

Tesseract accelerated and could leave Dr.K behind. He passed the Kenashi Pass and began to descend. In the final climb to the Second Kenashi Pass, he reduced the speed as the gap to Dr.K was big enough.
Tesseract at the Second Kenashi Pass

And Dr.K arrived.
Dr.K at the Second Kenashi Pass

We commenced to descend. The road condition of the descent lane was good in spite of extremely bad condition of the opposite lane. The snow was well compacted and the speed was always around 50km/h despite heavy studded tires.

On the descent, we entered the cloud. The visibility went down so we activated the taillight.
Tesseract on the descent of the Kenashi Pass

This day, we had planed to ride about 45km. But as it was shortened due to a bad road condition, we decided to continue our training in another place. Tesseract wanted to train in Oyafuru where the snow would be well compacted. But Dr.K disagreed as Oyafuru is too far for him. We discussed and finally decided to go to the Asari Pass because we had seen snowing in its direction.

But the condition of the Asari Pass was much worse than the Kenashi Pass. There was no snow up to the summit. We passed the Asari Pass by cars and realised, at the other side of the Asari Pass (Sapporo side), there was snow, not much but we decided to do sprint training there.

The temperature was about minus 7 degrees Celsius at the Asari Pass.

For about a kilometer, the snow was well compacted in the shade. We did four matchs of one kilometer on the uphill of the Asari Pass. That was very hard.

Result of the sprint matchs
1st Sprint Dr.K
2nd Sprint Tesseract
3rd Sprint Tesseract
4th Sprint Dr.K

Two wins for Dr.K Dr.K on the ascent of the Asari Pass Two wins for Tesseract Tesseract on the ascent of the Asari Pass

After the sprint training, we climbed up to the summit. As you see, the snow on the road was almost gone on the descent lane.
Summit of the Asari Pass

Tesseract's traveled distance was 26.99km (we wanted to ride much more!), the average speed was 15.9km/h and the maximal velocity was 55.5km/h.

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Kenashi Pass profile

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Asari Pass profile

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