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Training Report - Kenashi Pass 14

Dr.K and Tesseract participated in this training. The temperature was about minus 9 degrees Celsius on the Kenashi Pass. It was almost winter.

The travelled distance was 45.32km and the maximum speed was 60.4km/h.

Dr.K on the Second Kenashi Pass.
Dr.K on the Second Kenashi Pass

Tesseract on the Second Kenashi Pass.
Tesseract on the Second Kenashi Pass

The snowfall is getting stronger. Typical weather for the Kenashi Pass.
Kenashi Pass

Tesseract on the Kenashi Pass.
Tesseract on the Kenashi Pass

Dr.K on the Kenashi Pass.
Dr.K on the Kenashi Pass

The descent was difficult as the ice beneath the compacted snow was very hard and slippery.
Tesseract in the descent

Tesseract's rear wheel skidded numerous times (half of them were intentional) even in the straight.
Tesseract in the descent

But Dr.K's wheels didn't skid. Maybe his Nokian studded tires are more suitable than Tesseract's IRC studded tires for such road condition. (Rumour says Tesseract's wheels skid because he speeds to much, not because of studded tires.)
Dr.K in the descent

Dr.K's descent was much faster than the previous training. Tesseract descended using aerodynamic braking in order to wait for Dr.K. But when Tesseract decided to accelerate using power oversteering in sigmoidal corners at the altitude 490m, Dr.K detached.

Fresh snow covering trees. So beautiful.
Dr.K in Akaigawa

There was no trace of any cars or bikes except for ours.
Tesseract in Ochiai

The lake of the Ochiai Dam was completely frozen.
Ochiai Dam

Heading back for Otaru.
Tesseract in Akaigawa

We couldn't see the Mt.Yoichidake.

Tesseract is passing the Second Kenashi Pass for the second time of this day.
Tesseract on the Second Kenashi Pass

Dr.K on the Second Kenashi Pass.
Dr.K on the Second Kenashi Pass

Reentering Otaru.

In the descent, almost all parts of descent, Tesseract used car pacing. So he didn't feel cold as the cars were blocking the cold wind and he had to pedal hard to keep up with the speed of the cars (He hadn't done sport recently so he suffered from muscular pain for two days because of this hard pedaling).

Tesseract's bottle was cracked because of the cold in the descent.


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